Discover the charm of rural tourism at OPG MAJHEN

The main activity of our OPG is accommodation in rooms. The total capacity is 12 people (rooms ¼ + 1/3 + 1/3 + ½) all with WC. All are equipped with basic equipment, heating/cooling and televisions. An important part of our offer is the preparation of hot and cold meals (breakfast, lunch, dinner) from our own products.

Accommodation in rooms

OPG MAJHEN is a tourist house in the village of Kopačevo, Košut Lajoša 19, Municipality Bilje, 350 meters from the reception center JUPP “KOPAČKI RIT”, the most preserved floodplain in Europe1. It offers accommodation in four rooms with WC, heating/cooling and TV, as well as a hall with a capacity of 80 seats for presentations and events.

Additional activities

Production of unique and useful items from Slavonian oak, walnut and exotic types of wood such as benches, coffee tables, tables, meat cutting boards, etc.

We are also engaged in beekeeping and have our own beehives, we produce various types of honey, some of which are very specific, such as flower honey from the alluvial meadows of Kopački rit.

We work and process lavender and have dried flowers and various creams based on lavender, wax, and oil.

We produce vegetables in our own garden and fruit from our orchard. In the preparation of meals, we use food purchased from local producers (eggs, cheese, bacon, etc.)

Discover the Amazon of Europe

Amazon of Europe is a destination that offers a lot of activities, from cycling along Mura, Drava and Danube rivers, to paddling in a canoe or kayak to unique authentic gastronomic, natural, and cultural experiences with locals, that enrich your stay in the destination. Available bookable offers:

  • Amazon of Europe Bike Trail.
  • Amazon of Europe Amazing Moments of culture and nature
  • Canoe tours on Mura, Drava and Danube rivers.